Monday, September 9, 2013

NPC Features: Distinguishing Scars

1. Several hundred deep puncture scars from unfortunate iron maiden encounter
2. Tentacle sucker marks on face and torso, wears hat made from kraken beak
3. Spear-hole in both sides of neck, likes to smoke pipe for gruesome effect
4. Thick ragged scar from top of head to left heel, doesn't want to talk about it
5. Giant "X" on abdomen where spleen was removed by evil physician for an unknown purpose
6. Healed dragon fang hole clean through skull, resultant brain damage rendered subject permanently cheerful and obedient
7. Jagged chew marks all over but ultimately rejected for consumption by finicky owlbear
8. Decorative splotches from run-in with fire pudding
9. Branded with insignia of notorious slaver, still on the wanted list
10. Hairless and shrivelled after exposure to caustic gas, cheery, smiles a lot despite hacking cough
11. Many, many septic rat bites still on the mend
12. Large percentage of skull replaced by thick bronze plate after incident with trebuchet, still owes dwarf healer a fortune


  1. Ha, I love the little narrative hints here. (6) is wonderful. Great stuff, Jason!

  2. I love #3.... I'd use him as a grizzled old mentor for the PCs in a heartbeat.