Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puzzling Evidence in the Corridor

1. Shallow hole in wall with debris and broken pick lying nearby
2. An unidentifiable green stain on the floor, smells a bit
3. A still-smoldering torch
4. Heaps of recently deceased rats: not a mark on them
5. Loose flagstones in floor leading nowhere
6. Large "X" carved in wall
7. A half-melted sword
8. Abandoned nests of dungeon swallow colony
9. Very large fragments of purple eggshell
10. Clean bones of small animals arranged into incomprehensible patterns on floor
11. Claw-rent and useless steel chest plate
12. A huge earthenware dish half filled with dirty water


  1. Just wanted to drop a comment to say that I am really enjoying this blog. Kudos!

  2. Very cool stuff! As a player any one of these would stop my character in his tracks and make him think very seriously about his next move.