Saturday, March 31, 2012

Security Measures at the Sorcerer's Tower

1. Selectively permeable mobile defensive wall of aero-plankton
2. Security chief: totally nude, deaf, blind and ancient master of unarmed combat enshrouded in magical darkness and silence
3. Underground brain controls extensible tentacle array, variously armed, network of tubes provides access to all points
4. Trained bull rhinos w/above average tactical cunning patrol grounds 24/7
5. Encircling garden of giant hypno-flowers tended by giant dragonflies
6. Hundreds of evil pixie knights astride vicious war-chihuahuas flinging bombs of bewilderment
7. Identity check point w/bio-engineered olfactory sensor creature checking aroma profiles
8. Perimeter wall of animate zombie flesh
9. Field of death spore fungi land mines
10. Moat of liquid nitrogen
11. Magnetic field projector capable of wrenching armor from the bodies of aggressors
12. Wall of lightning provided by captive wizard locked in time loop


  1. ok #6 reminds me way to much of the Harry Dresden Novels, Toot, commander & chief of the ZA-lords army lol

  2. Just in time - the run today ended with my players in the anteroom of a wizard they were trying to sell some weird paintings to, being served tea and pipeweed by invisible servants.