Thursday, January 5, 2012

Famous Swords and Current Whereabouts

1. Hronar's Holy Brand: non-lethally embedded in demon lord
2. Chimera's Bane: at bottom of subterranean lake
3. Axmeek's Silver Avenger: lost in the Entropy Pits
4. Weirdblade: presumed eaten by serpent-dragon
5. Hrotha's Toothpick: favorite piece of loot in Frost Giant Treasury
6. The Crimson Khopesh of Aantroch: enshrined in distant temple
7. Urgontha, the Hammer of Chaos: in explosive caldera
8. Arbiter, Lawbringer of the Balance: beneath base of pyramid
9. The Great Divider: stuck in mountain's peak, constantly struck by lightning
10. Cleaver of Lies: entombed w/ revered ancient king
11. The Hairsplitter: on mantle at big city lawyer's club
12. The Sword of Form and Essence: in the Philosopher's Cave


  1. Presumably this table is a twofer as you can roll once for the sword and again for the whereabouts. Or was that the idea from the start and I'm just being a bit simple ;)

  2. A fine idea. I'm the simple one here.

  3. Non-lethally embedded *in the head* of a demon lord. Absolutely brilliant.

  4. I like this. I've really enjoyed all your lists.