Monday, April 21, 2014

Unfortunate Side-effects of Invisibility

1. Permanent invisible head
2. Subject forevermore appears in unflattering lighting
3. Remains 90% transparent when again visible, on the plus side immune to laser attack
4. Emits dim radiance for 1d12 hours after spell wears off
5. Visage obscured by pixelated static, never quite returns to original resolution
6. Ghastly flop sweat, exudes uncharacteristic stench, quite noticeable up to 15' away
7. Following spell's duration, reflection no longer appears in mirrors, pools, etc.
8. Everything tastes terrible for 1d12 days
9. When again visible, subject appears as hideous revenant for 1d12 hours
10. Voice becomes incredibly loud, booming even at a whisper, for duration of spell
11. Eyes remain invisible for 1d12 hours but see invisible things
12. Unanticipated relapse at a time and place of the referee's choosing

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