Monday, February 5, 2018


It's an old school Underworld setting and adventure location in the form of a 108 pg PDF, souped up with hyperlinks (including a fully clickable map), jammed to the gills with bizarre denizens, weird situations, random occurrences, and several Underworld godlings and their unsavory flocks. Game stats are for Swords & Wizardry, but for heaven's sake, its so adaptable to the OSR-type game of your preference as to be almost effortless!
Mighty Jez Gordon did the handsome layout and crafted the two-page Underworld map (see a slice of it below). 

Perhaps you are so old school as to eschew the electronic books: a print edition will become available as soon as we get and approve a print proof (be assured I will mention this here on the blog).

This is just a small sample.

It's also loaded with art by myself, Stefan Poag, Chris Brandt, John Larrey, and Karl Stjernberg.


Stefan brings it (that's the googolpede, by the way).

A purveyor of potions atop her glutton-newt.

Choose your words wisely when parlaying with the Colossal Sorcerer.

If you like this blog, chances are you will enjoy this adventure.