Friday, June 21, 2024

A Bargain at Any Price: Unfathomable Bundle in Progress

This impecunious Underworld Otter
knows a good deal when he smells it.

If you crave deep, almost ridiculous discounts for your RPG materials, look no further than the current Bundle of Holding!

Indulge your thirst for legitimately acquired electronic files while savoring the drastic savings available to you for this very short time!  

THIS BUNDLE RUNS THROUGH JULY 1st, 2024. As of this writing, that's a mere ten days away. Don't face a future of deprivation and self-recrimination! YOU MUST ACT SWIFTLY!


This Bundle includes all of the Unfathomable adventure material in its various forms and two, count them, TWO full volumes of The Dungeon Dozen all for the low low price of $14.95US. 

Yes, The Dungeon Dozen volume 2 has been hanging around Amazon for a little more than a year, trying to gain some kind of readership on charm alone. If you prefer your Dungeon Dozen books in book form, the link below will afford you that opportunity.


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