Saturday, November 3, 2012

Triumphs of the Pre-human Civilization

1. Monumental artworks: swirling sculpted mountains, rivers re-routed for aesthetic purposes, engineered zones of decorative volcanism, psychedelic auroras
2. Invention (and subsequent deep interment) of incredibly lethal array of super-weapons
3. Interconnected network of subterranean cities, still half-flooded with toxic mutagenic gases after weird seismic event of eons past
4. Space travel mastered and subsequently abandoned as really bad idea after gaining inkling of what's out there: space fleet scuttled in ocean depths, thrown surface-ward by tectonic shift
5. Anti-gods defenses: titanic gun barrels aimed at the heavens across the globe, massive operations centers for each hidden beneath the earth
6. 100% accurate map of the multiverse, writ large in a massive multi-spherical cavern
7. The Levitating Gardens of Shug-Leth
8. Towering beacon still actively calling down Blind Idiot Space Gods for an unknowable purpose
9. Bio-engineered panoply of hardy, useful plants, also bewildering variety of monsters & terrors
10. The Indestructible Subterranean Museum
11. After achieving total psycho-spiritual enlightenment, embarked upon epoch of constructing colossal space-wasting meditation halls honey-combing mountains, zen gardens taking up all the best real estate, scenic views monopolized by senseless acts of serenity
12. Giant weather control stations in all corners of the Earth continue to manipulate atmospheric conditions, presumably under automated control


  1. The weather station one is a keeper; sounds wonderful for explaining the utterly unrealistic orography seen in most campaign settings. May steal.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey John, the '70s called. They told you to come back to the 21st century.