Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blog-o-versary and other announcements

From Secret Party House of the Hill Giant Playboy, coming soon.

The Dungeon Dozen turned one year old this month. It's been a fun year and I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone who's taken the time to read, comment and/or help me promote this blog. To celebrate I'm taking a short break to recharge the ol' batteries and attend to some other pressing and not-so-pressing matters, including a short adventure I hope to post here on or around the 25th as a holiday gift to readers.
Also, THE REQUEST LINES ARE OPEN! If you have any ideas/wants/needs for a d12 table please suggest away in the comments and I'll do what I can to deliver once I get back on the stick.
Thanks again, everyone!


  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed, and been inspired by, the past year of d12 wackiness. Thanks for the great posts! I look forward to any future creative bursts.

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Do up a laid-out collection of the tables from the past year. An "annual", if you will. I imagine more than a few people might buy one, and it would ensure that your entertaining tables are preserved in a less volatile format. For the next wave of old-school gamers.

  2. What an awesome year. Well done! And I'd by that annual the monk has put on his xmas list for sure.

  3. Thirded, I'd but a hard copy in an instant! Even in zine format or similar.

  4. I hope to see a kickstarter for a fully illustrated Dungeon Dozen in the new year. Put me down as a backer!

  5. Thanks for a year of great posts!

  6. excellent
    rooms in the rolling sword-and-planet rolling fortress

  7. Man have I enjoyed this blog! All OSR goodness without the pettiness that sometimes creeps in. How about 'What's inside the Head of the Automaton the PCs Just Defeated'? Enjoy the holiday man, you deserve it!!

  8. Can't wait for the collected work (it's going to happen soon, right?). Thanks for creating these tables, they are always fun!

    My request is for "What is the wizard keeping under his pointy hat?"

  9. This is one of the best D&D blogs out there.

    New table ideas (roll 1d12):
    Alternate universes the portal leads to.
    Nutritional requirements of the exotic tame monster.
    Breaking news from the town crier.
    Informants in the dark back corner of the tavern.
    Ingredients for the desperately needed stone-to-flesh potion.
    Difficulties in understanding the text on the magic scroll.
    Harmless yet embarrassing curses
    Causes for the sudden devaluation of gold pieces
    Exotic smells wafting down the hall
    Requirements for opening that one door
    Requested bribes to get the enemy henchman to change sides.
    "This one is a fire breather": special qualities of the ubiquitous evil dungeon fairies.

  10. 1."Possible origins of the man apes"
    2."Obscure minor god that is taking an interest in your character"
    3."Evolutionary dead ends in the dungeon"
    4."What is in the goblin's stew pot"
    5."Thriving dungeon sports"
    6."Message scrawled in blood on the floor"
    7."Side effects of exotic spices"
    8."The ogres are cross bread with a what?"
    10"Sacrificed to the fire breathing stag"
    11."Pickled in glass jars"
    12."Speculated source of distant explosions"
    13."Actual source if distant explosions"
    14."The secret ingredient is?"
    15."Catch 22 magic potions"
    16."Unexpected properties of slugfolk mucus"
    17."Message received from newly appeared star"
    18."Cause of dragon's indigestion"
    19."Cargo of the recent shipwreck"
    20."Infernal tapeworm's dietary demands"
    21."The the local ale is brewed from...."
    22."Poured from a cauldron over the battlements"
    23."Unwholesome desires of the hill giant chief"
    24."Legal highs in peasantville"
    25."Strange fruit from the tree of...."
    26."Unlikely dungeon double acts"
    Well, these jellies do this...."
    27."Unusual enemy armaments"
    28."He's the brains, he's the brawn"
    29."Lucky catch in the underground 30.river"
    31."These leeches prefer eating..."
    32."Hanging in the giant's meat store"
    34."Atypical riding beasts"
    35."The town mascot is..."
    36."Drunken wagers made in earnest"
    37."Dungeon forfeits"
    38."Death before......!"
    39."Hatching from the discovered eggs"
    "The valley of the..."
    40."The cavern of doom is actually a?"
    41."Final words of the dying king"
    42."Graven images in the temple"
    43."Subject of bawdy bard's tale"
    44."This djinn grants three...."
    45."Devotees of the infernal....?"
    46."Niggling doubts in the back of the delver's mind"
    46."One delver and his faithful..."
    47."It's eyes blazed with pure...?"
    48."Demands nailed to the door of the temple"
    49."Blighting the queen's rose garden"
    50."Bricked up in the cellar"
    Sorry if you've done any of these before, I couldn't remember all of them! Feel free to use any, they're mostly too gonzo for RPGseeds.

  11. And another 50

    51."Washed up on the isolated beach"
    52."The dungeon is carved into..."
    53."Available for weddings, funerals and...?"
    54."The body of a (?) but the mind of a (?)"
    55."Food on a stick at local faire"
    56."Ye olde (?) shop"
    57."Punishable by death in local region"
    58."Strange centaurs"
    59."Gonzo race/class generator"
    60."Unlikely giant subtypes"
    61."Dungeon automatons"
    62."Yeah, we'll this bard plays a..."
    63."Eggs laid by (?) incubated by (?) cockatrice"
    64."What the underworld residents believe lives on the surface"
    65."Subtle differences in the alternate dimension"
    66."What you see in the magic mirror"
    67."Less dangerous forms of undead"
    68."Well, this mandrake...."
    69."Strange intoxicants at the tavern"
    70."Useless tech from the space gods"
    71."Misdelivered messages"
    72."Unique organs in the monster's body"
    73."Unlikely sixth sense"
    74."What's contaminated the water supply"
    75."Draconic ailments"
    76."Unreasonable dwarven grudges"
    77."Unlikely plagues"
    78."Bizzare voodoo rituals"
    79."Yeah, well this lock"
    80."Premonitions from the crystal ball"
    81."Cursed to......"
    82."Useless hirelings"
    83."Games played by the giant's kids"
    84."Neglected sections in wizard's library"
    85."Unlucky charms"
    86."In the ogre's trophy room"
    87."Trap baited with...."
    88."Substance needed to remove ichor"
    89."Giant scorpion venom effects"
    90."When exposed to light this troll...."
    91."Dungeon allergies"
    92."What's under the ghost's sheet"
    93."Instead of blood..."
    95."It stinks of..."
    96."The DM's address"
    97."The irrelevant twist at the end of the adventure"
    98."Under its skin it's made of..."
    99."Locked in the attic"
    100."Wizard's personality defects"

  12. While in feeling inspired.

    101."Dungeon monster's OCD symptoms"
    102."Strange crops"
    103."what's writhing in the giant's sack"
    104."why the monster is crying"
    105."unusual familiars"
    106."yeah, we'll this golem..."
    107."strange elementals"
    108."he's not talking to himself, he's..."
    109."the epic of...."
    110."cursed herd's milk transformed to"
    111."delver's affectations"
    112."adventurer's Valhalla"
    113."in the Kobold's recipe book"
    114."gonzo breath attacks"
    115."the evil lord's secret shame"
    116."reoccurring delver's dream"
    117."in the belly of the leviathan"
    118."evil queen's strange bathing substances"
    119."sources if underground oxygen"
    120"the source of the magic river"
    121"yeah, well these rats"
    122."dungeoneer's phobias"
    123."the room is flooding with..."
    124."obscure dragon varieties"
    125."inconvenient currencies"
    125."contents of the dungeon suggestion box"
    126."goblin's practical jokes"
    127."bottleless djinn now lives in"
    128. Thirst quenching beverages in the dungeon"
    129."the giant had grown obese on a diet of..."
    130."cowering in the corner"
    131."the latest craze among teen monsters"
    132."motivations of the sentient ooze"
    133."typical daily routine of murderous, terrifying monster"
    134."secret longings of amorphous dungeon blob"
    135."seemingly useless magical items"
    136."like catnip but for monsters"
    137."magic cloak of"
    138."failed experiments of the necromancer"
    139."the beard conceals a?"
    140."roaming the corridors of hell"
    141."cure for exploding sickness"
    142."kept awake at night by"
    143."man vs food style dungeon challenges"
    144."whiling away the aeons in prison"
    145."pros and cons of new dungeon parasite"
    146."real cause of recent earthquake"
    147."instead of a head"
    148."it dines exclusively on"
    149."yeah, we'll these guard dogs"
    150."army of evil, assembled beneath banner of..."

    Again, sorry if you've already done any. :)

  13. Ok, no more today I promise!
    151. "Yeah, well this unicorn."
    152."part man, part ?"
    153."idiosyncrasies of the local language"
    154"strange merfolk"
    155."down the back of the giant's sofa"
    156."like a hydra only different"
    157."what is a Bandersnatch and why should I fear it?"
    158."what is a shubshub bird and what should I shun it?"
    159."what does the Magi's camel store in it's humps?"
    160."hammer of"
    161."unlistenable musical genres polular with monsters"
    162."what's been taking the livestock at night"
    163."yeah, well this gorgon"
    164."traditional dungeon medicine"
    165."man-ape trappings of power"
    166."dungeon waste disposal unit"
    167."living unbothered underground sea"
    168."condiments in the ogre's larder"
    169."unlikely translation devices"
    170."inseparable monster buddies"
    171."masquerading as a human in town"
    172."lake infested with"
    173."delver's spa treatments"
    174."misleading place names "
    175."misleading tyrant names"
    176."misleading army names"
    177."misleading race names"
    178."common euphemisms for he-who-shall-not-be-named"
    179."underworld livestock"
    180."excuses from evil tyrant apologists"
    181."adventurers wives, common complaints"
    180."spells cast in drunken stupor"
    182"hidden in the barbarian's bedroll"
    183."underworld drinking games"
    184."favourite toy of juvenile dragon"
    185."gruesome festive decorations in the ghoul's lair"
    186."mostly harmless ghosts"
    187."giant beetle's natural defences"
    188."yeah, well this spider"
    189."evil tyrant's wives, common complaints
    190."paladins gone wild"
    191."alchemist's accidental results"
    192."more valuable than gold!"
    193."village of the...."
    194."adventurer's long lost...."
    195."yeah, well this griffon
    196."funk of the giant skunk"
    197."like an Owlbear, only...."
    198."harmless devils"
    199."luckily they never leave the water...."
    200." You've caught the tavern-clap!"

    Have a good Christmas, all!

    1. And he relents! Many superb suggestions in that eruption, Mr. May.

  14. Super-massive thanks to all! I shall be busy!

  15. 201."dietary requirements of the demon hounds"
    202."at the bottom of the well"
    203."legion of highly dangerous"
    204."reasons to redecorate the dungeon"
    205."true aim of mad alchemist"
    205."results of misremembered spell cast"
    206."consequences of the wizard's speech impediment"
    207."fountain of?"
    208."cursed with shadow of a..."
    209."latest fashion in dungeoneering equipment.
    210. "Even better than a 10ft pole"
    211."yeah, well this rope"
    212."yeah well this lantern"
    213."consequence of metric/imperial mix up in potion formula"
    214."flying (?) raiders"
    215."monster's embarrassing medical conditions"
    216."this dungeon floor is a bit sticky..."
    217."what the distant smoke signal says."
    218."yeah, well this suit of armour"
    219."unconventional modes of underground conveyance"
    220."subterranean homesick blues"
    221."the castle's anti-dragon defences"
    222."the castle's anti-tunnelling monster defences"
    223."abandoned ancient super weapon"
    224."predictions from the cracked crystal ball"
    225."currently in the demon's oven"
    225."true identity of the writer's muse"
    226."insane tyrant's demanded tribute"
    227."the 12 labours of Delveulese"
    228."the price of a pint in peasantville"
    229."the other 12 spheres of hell"
    230."there's a layer of hell reserved for..."
    231."12 deadly sins of local cult"
    232."12 sure marks of a witch"
    233."my familiars names are..."
    234."creation myths of the underworld"
    235."methods for capturing an image"
    236."this monster can only be killed by..."
    237."underworld honourifics"
    238."banished to...."
    239."evening classes offered to adventurers"
    240."bizarre bodyguards"
    241."unsavoury sources of calories"
    242." rug"
    243."monster's lucky charms"
    244."displayed on a spike at castle gates"
    245."sentenced to...."
    246."yeah, well these skeletons"
    250."what is this goop?"

  16. 251."the tyrant's only confidant"
    252."pregnant ogress' food cravings"
    253."bugbear's favourite drinking songs"
    254."yeah, but these werewolves"
    255."dubious wares offered from the tavern back door"
    256."true identity of the father to the illegitimate prince"
    257."since the dragon adopted veganism"
    258."enchanted everyday objects"
    259."since the tyrant adopted pacifism"
    260."strange monastic orders"
    261."the king has lost his brain!"
    262."the worst forest to get lost in"
    263."escapades of the somnambulant Titan"
    264."knightly order of..."
    265."attack of the 20ft..."
    266."unusual martyrdoms"
    267."the queen's secret lover
    268."lone survivor of..."
    269."strange patron saints"
    270."the cleric's dark secret"
    271."the adventurers specialist therapist"
    272."the thief's other obsession"
    273."in private, the tyrant likes to pretend"
    274."unwholesome gods of the Neanderthal tribe"
    275."it fell off of the back of a cart, honest!"
    276."music the bard is forced to compose by captors"
    277."gift wrapped in the monster's lair"
    278."yeah, well these bees"
    279."who really made that crystal skull"
    280."shoots (?) from it's(?)"
    281."the ogres favourite instrument"
    282."dungeon vegetables"
    283."trees to avoid"
    284."instead of horns..."
    285."portrait hanging in the castle"
    286."secret ancestry of the king"
    287."yeah, well this litch"
    288."100% loyal drone workers"
    289."elaborate plate armour"
    290."armour that protects from very specific attacks"
    291."outrageously impractical dungeoneering gear.
    292."perilous short cuts"
    293."tall tales from drunken dragon"
    294."what's on the other end of the long tail?"
    295. "Hallucinations caused by dubious mushrooms"
    296."strange spectra to see in"
    297."yeah, well this compass points to..."
    298."reincarnated as a..."
    299."dimension just beyond our reach"

  17. 301. "When will I get bored of this?"
    302."endless lists found in hermit's lair"
    303."why stop now?"
    304."parchment made from..."
    305."spell book bound in..."
    306."essential dungeon utensils"
    307."on the delver's Swiss Army knife.
    308."can only be killed by destroying..."
    309."dubious dungeon deals, buy one get one free etc"
    310."the wizard's new apprentice"
    311."hazing ritual before joining the guild"
    312."fawning praise of tyrant's hired sycophant"
    313."illicit spices"
    314."hellhound gnawing on"
    314."mortal sins in peasantville"
    315."why the town bell tolls"
    316."useful/helpful/friendly jellies"
    317."mildly annoying jellies"
    318."unusual denizens of the forest"
    319."dwelling in the hermitage"
    320."exiled from normal society"
    321."exiled from monstrous society"
    322."exiled from demonic society"
    323."rare eleven subtypes"
    324."rare dwarven subtypes"
    325."embarrassing dungeon mishaps"
    326."natural weapons of mass destruction"
    327."less famous demons"
    328."currently haunting the fens"
    329."the Orc chief's headdress"
    339."hurled by giants instead of rocks"
    340."where's that horrendous smell coming from"
    341."yeah, well these stirges"
    342."adventurers leisure pursuits"
    343."indispensable imports from foreign lands"
    344."the dungeon's most profitable export"
    345."the huntsman's quarry"
    346."unhinged dungeon bloodsports"
    347."the desert oasis"
    348."the trader's caravan"
    349."bait used to trap dungeon vermin"
    350."cause of tyrant's uncontrollable laughter"
    351."what the seasoned delver's mistake soap for"
    352."what's roasting in the giant oven"
    353."the newly appeared constellation"
    354."new fangled dungeon technology"
    355."delver's experimental prostheses"
    356."quack doctor treatments"
    357."enchanted footware"
    358."the magic spectacles"
    359."ground to make giants bread"
    360"reasons that the island is uninhabited"
    361."reasons the town is deserted"
    363."on the other side of the mountain"
    364."reasons to go the long way around"
    365."how to know when to finish the task in hand"

    I must admit that I struggled with the last 100 or so!

  18. My request:
    Graffiti on the walls of the long abandoned trade-tunnel connecting two city-states on different sides of a mountain range.

    1. 1. Eat at Joe's
      2. You are here ->
      3. Rest stop is closed.
      4. This space for rent.
      5. For a good time, call Oriax!
      6. Beware of the Drow.
      7. Troll booth ahead; have change ready.
      8. Wagon-pool lane only.
      9. Construction ahead.
      10. Don't feed the Mutants!!

  19. It took a while to get to the bottom of this comment section. Congrats on the 1st year. Onto the next year and more d12 tables.

  20. Cheers, Jason! And greetings from Long Island! Reading your blog is a joy, and I look forward to reading your writings in 2013 =) Happy New Year!

  21. I would love more "before first level" and quirks of races/classes charts, preferably warlock, drow, teifling, and bard. I even have a class idea: the wellspringer, a wizard who basically grabs a random power from the well of spells and uses it, occasionally winning with spells such as Ray of Overflowing memory and Deux Ex Machima, a very uncommon spell. I challenge you to come up with crazy spells

  22. The jig is up? As in, I've been "found out"?

  23. 366."treetop dwellers"
    367."dungeon squatters"
    368."strange stranger"
    369."novel dungeon illumination"
    370."castle built of..."
    371."strange keys"
    372."follies built at the evil lord's command"
    373."monster's secret language"
    374."well, this alchemist...."
    375."monstrous eating disorders"
    376."modes of inter-dungeon communication"
    377."queen's secret of eternal youth"
    378."local burial customs"
    379."the demon's milking herd"
    380."what's clogging up the town's sewers"
    381."monstrous desserts"
    382."strange and malign nature spirits"
    383."in the giant's gymnasium"
    384."the dungeon's sanitation provisions"
    385."affectations of the evil lord"
    386."guarding the cloud castle"
    387."mountain pass shortcuts of dubious safety"
    388."security system in the vacant castle"
    389."art exhibit of the demon lord"
    390."new technology set to revolutionise delving"
    391."tattooed on the giant's body"
    392."gonzo sled of the ice giant"
    393."contents of the compulsively hoarding monster's lair"
    394."artistic works commissioned by dungeon lord"
    396."bizarre subterranean fungus"
    396."eyes blaze with..."
    397."true purpose of the stone circle"
    398."at the bottom of the cavern lake"
    399."dungeon vermin's evolutionary niches"
    400."evil lord name and honorific generator"