Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Underworld Ecosystem Part Two

The Next Level: Herbivore Equivalents

1. Land mollusks:  herds of great-horned slugs,  flocks of aero-snails with fuselage-like shells, gas jet propulsion
2. Mice, moles, voles: from tiny to giant, cute, non-aggressive, scamper at impossible speeds and reproduce like nobody's business
3. Huge, revolting, acid-vomiting flightless house flies
4. Ambulating land plecostomus
5. Dungeon goats with mutations like iron teeth, ten stomachs, rhino-like armor
6. Giant grazing lizards: uninterested in melee combat, skittish, easily provoked into lethal stampede
7. Lower dungeon apes: stalactite dwelling sub-monkeys, shrieking, bug-eyed prosimians
8. Grazing ooze: nearly motionless when feeding, careless adventurers could blunder right into one
9. Dungeon fairies: build massive spiked hives, process food source into honey-like product
10. Schools of shrimp-like crustaceans swarming about the walls, floors and ceilings, rudimentary collective intelligence
11. Toddling, morbidly obese flightless bats with shrunken vestigial wings and defensive chaos-stench
12. Elusive herds of black and gray camouflaged miniature zebras, will kick like hell with razor-edged hoofs if cornered, wicked mohawk manes indicate position in hierarchy

note: results indicated above must somehow be rationalized with the results of a roll on Random Underworld Ecosystem Part One: Base of the Food Chain . Use your DM powers!


  1. This blog is awesome! I haven't read much of it YET, but I already have some suggestions (which I'm sure you've already done to some extent):
    -sentient magic items?
    -variations or entirely new concepts for playable characters instead of the old, standard starting races?

  2. Where are you? Are you OK? I miss the awesome Updates...

    1. He crashed the line and did a flip off the back woolly right into the wall.