Sunday, September 8, 2013

Half-Price Hirelings

For when every copper counts.

1. Halifam the Half-hobbled: enchanted peg-leg allows one spectacular jump (as spell) per day, d6 roll required (1-5 leap succeeds, 6 peg-leg falls off)
2. "Left Eye" Lopux: half of face sheered off on last outing, constantly sips tincture of healing potion/grain alcohol
3. Sheefah of the obscuring robe: actually mid-level fighter in witness protection program, feigns incompetence unless and until her life is actually in danger, then looks out for numero uno, abandoning party ruthlessly
4. "That Impaled Fellow": prematurely applied healing potion left this humble soldier with completely healed wound around shamshir clean through abdomen
5. Sword Face: origin story as entry 4, but able to make additional attack per round w/longsword coming out of his face blade-first
6. Half-cocked Harry: absolutely trembling with pent-up martial enthusiasm, will charge headlong into first combat opportunity he sees
7. Flaegra, priestess from exotic realm: on pilgrimage of self-nullification, taking on menial/dangerous tasks such as hauling treasure, carrying torches, under oath to never use considerable powers
8. Odal the unwashed: a bog warrior who lavishes his skin with all manner of reeking morasses, mires, bog waters and sloughs
9. "Spiderbite" Sanzorr: neck and shoulder grossly swollen w/leaking welts, only one good arm, froths at the mouth a bit
10. Mighty Bleena: possibly the world's strongest woman, suffered series of concussions earlier in career (still refuses to wear helmet), becomes confused in battle, 50% likely to mistakenly hammer friendlies in melee
11. Adhokk the unbidden advisor: spews forth continuous stream of dungeoneering tips and pointers, quits in a huff if told to stifle himself
12. Ol' Dungeon Toes: afflicted with dungeon equivalent of trench foot, good for a couple of turns before he sits down immovably


  1. #7 isn't that far from an idea I've been mooting about for a side-adventure: I was thinking of an impoverished, spell-book-deprived wizard. Immense potential, practically useless.

  2. Mein Gott, he's alive! Welcome back.

  3. What a pleasant morning surprise - welcome back.

  4. Woo! You're back!

    Now to get caught up on your recent posts...

  5. All 12 of these... one adventuring party.

    I think I'll make them the crew of an underearth diggerboat the party must use...