Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Synthetic Humanoids 3: The Outer Crust

Once you've got the weird head sorted and have monkeyed around with the general body plan to taste, one must consider matters of presentation.

1. Nigh-impenetrable exoskeletal containment suit
2. Exceedingly flamboyant pirate outfits
3. Up-to-the-minute setting-appropriate fashions by the world's hottest designers
4. Old school superheroic outfit (with cape) emblazoned with insignia of master (exterior underpants optional)
5. Martian-style war harness w/assortment of the latest and greatest in death-dealing technology
6. Naked but for a thoroughly-stocked utility belt
7. Extremely pointy-toed steel shoes, extensible
8. Torn and filthy rags to serve as constant reminder of their wretched servitude
9. White hazmat coveralls with black rubber gloves and booties
10. G-string and bandoliers
11. Razor-sharp steel bristles from epidermis like shaggy fur
12. Jack Kirby shorts

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