Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Synthetic Humanoids 2: Body Plan Alterations

Having arrived at an agreeable weird head, the bio-sorcerer must next decide upon what fearsome alterations to impose upon the standard human body plan.

1.  Eight human arms radiating from torso, no legs, galloping palms nearly noiseless, rears up for combat w/ up to six weapons, burst into rousing applause when victorious
2. Grossly elongated torso for snaky maneuverability, disorienting opponents, whip-like attacks
3. Standard body plan but rippling with grotesquely huge muscles, visibly throbbing blood vessels, perpetual mist of perspiration
4. One giant mantis arm to seize you, one human arm to eviscerate you with a scimitar
5. Standard arms and torso, 10d10 tentacles instead of legs, incredibly speedy over land and sea
6. Top half: as per standard, bottom half: lobster
7. Standard human-shape but composed of single colossal cell, distorts shape only at need, semi-permeable cell wall extrudes attack organelles 
8.  2d4 headless human bodies controlled by single disembodied, levitating head (alter original weird head to taste)
9. Spring-like leg extensions allow for explosive leaps as grasshopper/flea
10. Four short legs for enhanced stability plus swivel hip for 360 degree attacks
11. Unnaturally long slender limbs, emaciated trunk, composed of high density tissues for astonishing strength
12. Shrunken, withered, almost vestigial human form, hovers via leathery wings flapping hummingbird-style, puny hands just capable of operating short bow/raygun/Walther PPK

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