Thursday, September 19, 2013

Terrible Eyes

1. Emit constant shower of blinding sparks as arc welder when enraged
2. Float around independent of head on extra-long optic nerves
3. Cast visible rays in cone allowing all present to see through objects and beings like shared X-ray vision
4. Literally smoldering, red embers falling and putting unsightly holes in villainous attire
5. Eye sockets dilate hideously, eyes roll back, pie plate size hypno-disks lock in place and activate
6. Huge eyes, dual voices emanating from great pupils opening and closing like mouths
7. Flash with high intensity light in strobe patterns, inducing delirium, seizure
8. Crackling with arcs of electricity that lock onto and track those targeted for death-dealing
9. Rainbow-hued beams cascade forth, reducing those struck to a giddy lethargy
10. From ragged empty sockets weird fog spews forth unceasingly
11. Stream with perpetual tears of self-pity that burn like acid
12. Deep shimmering pools of highly contagious despair

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