Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random Underworld Ecosystem Part One

Base of the Food Chain
1. Nutritious but extremely mutagenic Chaos juice bubbling up from source deep below
2. Murdered and stashed body of lesser god slowly decaying
3. Giant fungus that mimics fruit, attracts surface herbivores, bestows Underworld survival adaptations
4. Swarms of land krill continuously produced by spontaneous generation in central font
5. Gigantic, semi-sentient and very tasty anaerobic bacterial colonies flourishing around volcanic vents
6. Radiation from ancient meteorite promotes growth of mobile slime colonies
7. Magically reanimated spectral plants sustain undead herbivores
8. Waste from dragon's lair on mountainside above, deposited daily by slaves
9. Black micro-sun in central cavern nourishes jungle of black and purple ferns
10. Sentient radiant gas cloud playing god
11. Reality breach/wormhole in cave wall allows frequently delicious alien bioforms to spew forth
12. Giant stockpile of super-nutritive chow awaiting arrival of space-borne army of conquest but breached and exploited by cave scavengers


  1. Best list yet! This sort of stuff is always rolling around in my head but never as interesting as this.

  2. Had an idea awhile back that combined 1 and 2:

    Multi-acre shub-like corpse, summoned in a cataclysmic war and slain almost immediately. Didn't decay though (that is not dead which can eternal lie) and starving peasants in the vicinity turned to it as a food source during the famine filled dark ages that followed. Teratagenic effects of this diet have made the local population . . . interesting.

    Even after a couple hundred years there's still plenty left though. Care for a bite?

  3. Great stuff.

    So, are you going to give us a hint as to when the PDF's coming out? I have my money ready...