Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weird Dungeon Fog

1. Depilatory fog: released by a deranged sorcerer for an unknown purpose, roams corridors searching for the hirsute
2. Fog of Sticky Accretion: lengthy exposure reveals adhesive build up on surfaces, swords stick in their scabbards, the friendly shoulder-pat becomes a drawn out affair
3. Fog bank that is actually a swarm of microscopic winged crustaceans, able to strip corpses in seconds
4. Hygroscopic fog: sucks the moisture from living beings for dessication damage, lethal to slugmen
5. Fog Bank of the Impromptu Dance: compels those within to gyrate rhythmically for 1d6 minutes, if engaged in combat: dance fight!
6. Luxuriant Vapors of Cleanliness: often located in basins, tubs and sealed chambers, soothes, calms and renders impeccably spic and span
7. Black fog: a roving patch of total darkness (as spell, but can be dispersed by wind/other disturbances)
8. Swirling Banks of Obfuscation: arcane fog generally invoked to add another layer of security to hidden treasures and secrets, also employed to further conceal pits and other deathtraps
9. Vernal Mist of Enlightenment: dungeon secrets enter the brains of those exposed via osmosis
10. Fog of Amnesia: renders those within its influence utterly clueless until they escape, wizards lose random spells
11. Fog of Eros: arouses otherwise latent passions, especially efficacious on the most repressed personalities
12. Hot volcanic fog: looks normal, burns like hell

Note: Just knocking the rust of the ol' blog today, warming up recently disused d12 muscles. Next up: I begin working through requests.