Sunday, February 17, 2013

Less Lethal Forms of the Undead

1. Spectral informant: semi-detached observers of mortal activity, take perverse pleasure in revealing embarrassing/illegal/top secret tidbits to interested parties
2. The Famished Dead: epicurean spirits perpetually hankering for fine dining, known to show up and ruin fancy meals
3. Zombie, indifferent: stagger to and fro aimlessly, remain utterly clueless even if attacked
4. Quasi-lich: animate remains of once-powerful sorcerer, arcane energies depleted utterly in defeat of death, fascinating conversationalists
5. Vampire, tiny: strength of 20 pixies, able to turn into a mosquito or a wee little puff of vapor, command mice, shrews, insects
6. Robber ghouls: dungeon muggers with no interest whatever in the flesh of the living, in it strictly for the money
7. Idiot spirits: created when certifiable fools perish in an especially stupid way, cannot figure out how to get to the afterlife without assistance
8. Invisible voyeur: detectable only by magic, they just like to watch
9. Ghosts of extinct animal types from the Cambrian explosion: bitter about status as evolutionary culs-de-sac, harmlessly vent their eternal anguish while appearing weird and scary
10. Undead Poet's Society: gather bi-weekly for interminable readings at scenic Underworld locations, its a wonder how modestly talented wordsmiths improve given a few hundred extra years of practice 
11. Ghost fungus: grows unceasingly on spirits of the living, causing random alignment confusion in the infected
12. Angry Skulls: when skeletons are left on duty well past their sell-by date they eventually lose their limbs to wear and tear, becoming mere floating skulls with bits of spinal column attached, still performing their assigned tasks, attacking adventurers with impotent phantom limbs

Requested by Andrew May


  1. wow where to start!
    no:2 loving it, might put a damper on the PC romantic picnic though

    no:3 too good not to use, suspect I'll bump up the HD just so it continues to waddle around as the PC's hack at it

    no6: excellent, muggers in a dungeon, "give us yer gold or we'll paralyse ya and leave ya for the monsters......"

    a very nice d12 this one!