Monday, March 31, 2014

Freelance Dungeon Missions: First Level

1. Monitor, trap stirges to obtain fresh blood sample from troll in nearby chamber for sorcerer's use
2. Retrieve one particular zombie from necromancer's entourage, an ex-VIP, for possible resurrection
3. Locate, subdue dungeon rats (powder of stupefaction provided), release following installation of enchanted seeing-eye devices
4. Procure certain tome for Imperial Historical Society from excellent library of illiterate ogre partial to brandy, preposterous faux-intellectual discourse
5. Sneak in, introduce powerful psychedelic agent into dungeon well used by humanoids to loosen them up for arrival of prominent high priest w/company of acolytes on heavily-armed evangelical tour
6. Pose as warlock's new personal stylist, hangers-on from Imperial Capitol City, gain access to sanctum, make off with research notes, ruin hairdo
7. Seek, destroy weird dungeon unicorn of versatile fecundity, blamed for profusion of hybrid monsters in nearby wilderness, before it can propagate again
8. Make way to location of talking statue, pose series of carefully worded questions from sealed scroll provided by patron, collect riches in subsequently revealed secret treasury, patron just wants any rings
9. Provide stealthy reconnaissance of dungeon level, mark doors w/various colors of invisible paint to indicate contents (monster, monster & treasure, etc.), prepare way for band of more experienced delvers
10. Plant evidence of recent spate of political assassinations in doppelganger lair (as noted by prior expedition) get out before notable hero's staged discovery
11. Pacify, secure secondary entrance for use as escape route by more experienced, painfully superior group of adventurers embroiled in lucrative dungeon crawl
12. Scatter shrieker spores around complex, administer quick-grow potion, trigger shrieker chain reaction, several units of Imperial archers, infantry standing by outside dungeon entrance to annihilate evacuees


  1. You've practically written my whole next campaign with this post!

  2. WOW! Also my copy of Dungeon Dozen arrived yesterday, very awesome work!