Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Currently at War in the Underworld

Combatants (roll twice or thrice or as needed, duplicate results indicate bitter internal struggle)
1. Vampire-lord's bat-riding ape brigade
2. Cult of the Famished God (perpetual warfare required to appease deity's insatiable/unholy appetites)
3. Blind antler-men berserkers, heads adorned w/multi-pronged sensory arrays
4. Surface empire's elite Underworld Rangers
5. Half-stupefied servitors of the Great Levitating Sentient Dodecahedron
6. The lich's undead centipede hoplites, utilize ingenious cavern-modified phalanx tactics
7. Self-immolating suicide troopers of the Lava God
8. Evil sorcerer's mind-controlled legions of fungoid men
9. Warrior-thralls of the towering sentient statue
10. Underworld Trade Guild's private insect army
11. Motley slave army of the Under-pirate Queen
12. No one is better at focusing crazed religious fanaticism into organized fighting forces than Underworld dwarfs

Why They Fight
1. To keep free exchange of gold for slaves unfettered by proposed regulatory treaty
2. Territorial dispute over site of recently discovered explosive mineral deposit
3. For control of singular Spring of Vitality
4. Over occupation of universally cherished, extremely luxurious steam-vent baths of the ancients
5. Simultaneous claim on grazing mines of the gold-vomiters
6. Trade route tolls getting outrageous
7. New deity on the scene, preemptive strike ordered by established Underworld faiths
8. Bank vault of the Extinct Ones revealed after suspect seismic event
9. Slight-stung aristocrat's petty revenge-attack
10. The lesser evil's valiant struggle against the greater evil
11. Mutual indulgence of natural genocidal urges
12. FFRRREEEEEEDOMMM!!! (both sides)

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