Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Wandering Monsters Encountered Each Other: Dungeon Level One

We'll never know why sorcerers can't resist
 crossbreeding owls with everything

On a failed roll for wandering monsters, check again to see if they encounter one another in nearby dungeon area, alert players to various noises, stenches that result.
Roll once on each table, or twice on individual table at whim, adjudicate results of unexpected contact

Table One: Humans and the Like
1. Warpack of puny humanoids, armed to teeth, search for rumored evil hobbit assassins but minimally enthusiastic due to crappy pay, poor benefits package
2. Noble paladin w/damn good reason for seizing treasures already captured/coveted by PCs, led by very bossy talking enchanted sword of the utmost lawful goodness, six jittery men-at-arms
3. Invisible necromancer in a huff about vandalized zombie servitors rushes back to lair, carries on heated conversation w/self
4. Supremely overconfident surface wizard of means hauled around in palanquin surrounded by scads of charmed hirelings
5. Berserkers calming down after zombie beheading spree, dripping sweat, gore spattered, guzzle booze from wine skins
6. Puny humanoid body-builders en route to gymnasium discuss feats of strength past and future
7. Evil hobbits hired to assassinate necromancer try to remain unseen while attempting to flee the dungeon
8. Lone troll w/enormous appetite after grueling bit of regeneration slums it on level one in search of easy chow, sick and tired of combat, seeks parlay where possible
9. Blind sword master w/encyclopedic knowledge of proximate dungeon levels, returning to extract pay from necromancer after mission to level three, issues challenge for single combat to any w/sword
10. Intelligent apes from nearby cave system carry great burlap sacks, hunt puny humanoids
11. Evil priest and squad of action acolytes lead chain gang of surface humans earmarked for cult sacrifice on level three
12. Warriors of entirely different evil cult roam corridors hoping to ambush, seize sacrifice candidates from priest in entry 11 for their own unspeakable deity

Table Two: Dungeon Predators/Scavengers/Idiots
1.  Weird giant rats
2.Owlsnakes hungry for giant rats, no matter how weird
3. Recently decapitated zombies stagger around at random flailing blindly at anything
4. Large transparent ooze w/two struggling humans inside busy looking for private spot to digest cult warriors that took wrong turn
5. Stench beetle shoots first, doesn't bother w/questions, sticky aromatic fluid accurate up to 30' (see subtable)
6. Huge spiders that travel by casting webs, swinging from ceiling like that comic book character, venom dissolves troll flesh like acid
7. Intact zombies armed w/heads of decapitated fellows still capable of bite attacks
8. Ceiling-crawling dungeon leeches as long as your arm, several bloated w/caustic troll blood
9. Giant army ants drag dead cultists to nearby mound
10. Flightless pteradactyls w/massive talons search for carrion
11. Giant cave salamander w/spiked tail like stegosaurus makes beeline for stagnant pool on level two
12. Skeletons of deceased acrobats w/moves like Jackie Chan on hunt for evil hobbit assassins

Stench Beetle Aroma Table (characters hit by blast must contend w/overwhelming malignant odor for 1d12 hours)
1-2. Offensive cologne overdose
3-4. Hot garbage
5-6. Sickly sweet smell of death
7-8. Sizzling bacon (attracts monsters/gluttonous humans)
9-10. Satan's outhouse
11-12. 1000 neglected litter boxes


  1. A good read, I very much enjoyed the themes weaving the various encounters together.

  2. A great entry. I especially like the entry about the necromancer mumbling to himself. It wil make a great encounter with a party.