Monday, April 6, 2015

Reaction Table: Underworld Godling

+1 to rolls for acts known to undermine the surface world status quo, well-crafted flattery, bowing, scraping, grovelling, sacrificing blood and/or treasure
-1 to rolls for acts known to support Law and Order, murderhobo activity with negative effect on godling's bottom line, ill-conceived introductory banter, slaying of valued worshipers 

1. How dare you approach my Eminence!? I will effect your utter destruction this instant!
2. Adventurers again? I grant you a moment to fall upon your swords before I devour you all body and soul.
3. Priests, awaken and notify the Famished One for tonight we dine! Anoint this rabble in oils and lavish them with spices.
4. Behold, your minds surrender instantly to my irresistible will. Slay one another for my amusement.
5. Perhaps you'd just like to yield up your golden treasures and get the hell out of here. Oh, wait, leave your hirelings as well, they look just barely fit for consumption.
6. You may worship me but briefly, then remove yourselves from my sight forever. After you deposit your golden treasures in the proper sacrificial receptacle.
7. Report at once to the priesthood for indoctrination, worthy supplicants.
8. Welcome to my domain, wanderers. Rest and recover your strength in my holy radiance. But first you must eat of my flesh. 
9. Your wounds shall be healed! Now begone, fools, resume your wanton spree for my ongoing gratification.
10. Prepare yourself, charming mammals, for an involuntary download of cosmic insight you will find enlightening. . .if your tiny minds are not rent asunder!
11. Revolting mortals, I grant you a single boon, but if I ever smell your filthy little souls again you will crawl before me like worms.
12. You shall be my champions! Stand by for Mass Geas!

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