Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Ten

1. Enchanted photo-real 3-D portrait of the Dungeon Overlord as a young man/woman/entity, demon-sculpted black frame of evil alone worth small fortune, but would look great over mantle @ adventurer's HQ
2. Parked outside treasure sorting room: large wheeled bin full of clothing, armor, gear stripped from startling number of dead adventurers, highlights include: exciting footwear, unusual equipment, interesting helmets
3.One-third bottle of sour mash whiskey of monster control: works great but unbelievably potent
4. Silver whistle creates imperceptible sound wave that destroys bond between artificially installed animus and flesh/other matter, renders much necromancy null and void, terminally disrupts corporeal undead, single charge remaining
5. Brain-shaped crystal formation, enhances intellect to super-human level when in physical contact, weighs one thousand pounds, floods brain w/crazy ideas
6. Bat-winged jumpsuit w/horned space helmet from member of Hell's Courier Service killed by Dungeon Overlord for delivering bad news, affords excellent protection from weapons, fire & infernal weather, transporter belt w/single button takes wearer to Hell and back, impervious satchel of holding attached
7. Phalanx of inert robo-hoplites w/Corinthian helm of remote control, instruction manual, in gift-wrapped shipping container
8. Gag gift for Dungeon Overlord from subsequently assassinated member of inner circle: aerosol can of paladin repellent, actually sort of works, renders only the pure and noble green around the gills
9. Locked coffer filled with scrolls detailing accumulated research/elaborate plan to import elder being from adjacent dimension, install in the heavens to create permanent eclipse, creatures of the night take over
10. Soul-powered bio-mechanical dungeon excavator, like small rail car on multitude of stubby legs, business end a riot of shovels and picks, hacks out standard 10' dungeon corridor/minute, extrudes rubble as usable masonry, very thirsty for souls indeed
11. Rod of Dungeon Mastery: projects rays that reduce the weak-willed to minion status, compel spirits of the Underworld to reveal mysteries of dungeon ecology, deactivate traps/automated tricks, open doors as per knock spell, multi-horned skull topper gives directions w/gentle voice, warns of self destruct mechanism should the object be taken from the dungeon
12. Dungeon Overlord's experimental super-armor, unfinished but still rather awesome, emits waves of fear, induces supplication, enhances strength/endurance/speed, impervious to anything short of an exploding shell, when out of soul-fuel consumes that of occupant

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  1. I just realised with your sour mash whiskey of monster control, what if potions of monster control didn't work by you drinking them, rather you have to make the target monster (s) drink it. The more that drink it the greater the effect but if you want to control the dragon you have to figure out a way to get it to drink it.