Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Eight

1. Huge enchanted syringe crafted for soul-extraction, assembly required, components packed in padded box
2. Floating storage locker, borne aloft by Tenser wave, currently loaded w/relatively valueless tchotchkes from Hell
3. Leviathan ivory scrimshaw depicting pivotal turning points in history of alternative reality
4. Full helm shaped as vulture's head, imparts ability to sense bloodshed, death, decay up to one mile distant
5. Dress jacket with eight decorative tentacles where epaulets should be, obey mental commands of wearer
6. Crate wrapped by tamper-resistant chain of security containing scads of dubious underworld currency, surrounded by recently slain bodies of delivery-humanoids
7. Large glass bottle filled with fist-sized capsules each containing inert ooze, just add copious amounts of water
8. Lock box full of crude medals festooned with skulls (gold, electrum, silver) for various events in upcoming Underworld Games
9. Lead-lined barrel, sealed and ensorcelled, holy symbols of every stripe stored within, awaiting pickup by hazmat disposal humanoids
10. Platinum idol of rearing diplodocus-god, jewel eyes, only half-excavated from stone wall
11. Package marked for delivery to Science Commander of adjacent dungeon complex, peer-reviewed treatise on detecting evil at cellular level, litmus test kit, specimen samples from various underworld horrors
12. Soul-fueled power generator, valve fits syringe (entry 1), several hundred feet of coiled cable w/metal clamps

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  1. I'm impressed at how you can keep thinking up this stuff! LOL