Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Seven

1. Scroll of Holding: created by now-senile godling before totally losing it, stores unlimited amounts of information, spells, maps, other documents, contents from far-flung paleogean epochs right up to last Tuesday, no index
2. Small herd of stampeding treasure chests, fully loaded, ambulating upon clockwork horse legs, dispatched to secret summer house of the quasi-lich in adjacent dungeon complex
3. Wand of Transmission: fires bolt of information unerringly, decoded by brain of target who must make a saving throw or forget own name, other vital bits, for 1d12 hours
4. Gentleman's formal attire of Hell, bat-wing bow tie, fiendish spats, freshly cleaned and pressed, sized for twelve foot tall being of robust build, wing holes, smart lines, black-on-red design, fabric woven from wondrous alien metals, weighs a ton
5. Precise ink diagram on good vellum w/notations in thieves' code, burned a bit, trodden on, crumpled, indicates exact locations of 1d4 treasures on level 8
6. Pumpkin-size Golden Apple of the Gods, a single bite instantly increases the intellect if saving throw vs. death succeeds, then roll HERE for good measure
7. Enchanted steel snail shell w/tiny door, magic phrase allows owner and carried equipment to shrink down and take shelter within should that ever seem like a good idea
8. Gong of Supplication (Humanoid): tone precisely mimics signature fanfare of wicked deity, when sounded brings single type of humanoid to knees, wailing and grovelling as one might until ruse discovered
9. Cast iron Codpiece of Protection: gruesome bat-face design, prodigious magical bonus to armor rating but cannot be worn with anything else other than boots and helmet, maybe a cape, or enchantment negated
10. Vial w/1d12 blue and red capsules, if taken causes toxic gas to gush forth prodigiously from mouth as per cloudkill 
11. Large, relatively slow-moving bats w/four wings, bellies stuffed with gems, winging their way to quasi-lich's summer house in adjacent dungeon complex
12. Trained all-weather gelatinous cube: follows commands played on tin whistle, master can be encysted within for effortless transport over land or sea, great storage capacity, secretes acid as desired

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