Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NPC Encounters: Dungeon Level Nine

1. Partially stupefied giant, earmarked for cult sacrifice but now making a break for it, shaved, tattooed, diapered, envenomed darts sticking out of all parts north and south
2. The All Henchmen Brigade: loose confederation of various former hirelings gone rogue, opportunistic treasure scavengers, they hate adventurers above all
3. Chained to wall: entire party of adventurers formerly under the command of enlarged paladin on level eight
4. Iron clad Templar of Evil w/highly opinionated sentient greatsword chortles mirthlessly having just won a handsome purse in sadistic office wager
5. Purveyor of dark temple goods unpacks cases from payload area of giant pack ape, in stock: sacrificial blades of every size/shape, wicked skull-emblazoned raiment in assortment of garish colors, hallucinogenic incense, supersized tins of shelf-stable chicken blood, etc
6. Cult loremaster, frail, emaciated, head drooping under weight of giant ram's horns, reads from ambulatory lectern/land squid stacked with exceedingly rare tomes (of Chaos), automatically surprised, knows several death spells
7. Lava-man monarch, not quite sure about converting to cult despite being wined and dined, unimpressed with diabolical organization, more than happy to share opinions with strangers
8. Cult musical director, human shaped w/spider face, decked out in regal finery, paces on ceiling, hums to self composing strange, discordant fanfare for upcoming occasion: material advent of unspeakable deity
9. Crack squad of feral humanoid blowgun experts under command of famously missing surface criminal mastermind, trying to pick up the trial of partially stupefied giant (entry 1)
10. Former official tax collector for dungeon overlord, massive human form but whale skull for a head, huge luminous multifaceted eyes, stripped of authority after accusation of embezzlement, placidly awaits execution
11. Quite powerful sorcerer w/malfunctioning wand of teleportation, was aiming for subterranean kingdom beneath distant island, tries to get bearings without revealing utter cluelessness
12. Hulking cult executioner, mighty arm in sling, attended by faithful axe caddy, seeks out emergency healing in order to complete sacrifices required by ritual already in progress

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