Thursday, October 3, 2013

NPC Encounters: Dungeon Level Two

1. Magic-user w/flaming beard howls with mad laughter, barely able to walk, propped up by several sabre-toothed ape servitors, en route to level ten in great haste, adventuring rabble quite beneath contempt
2. Ogre field medic carrying black doctor's bag, extensive surface-war experience, will exchange dicey healing skills for cash, loves to dicker while patients bleed out
3. Underworld ranger moves noiselessly through dungeon on courier mission for petty boss, cuts down any who even momentarily impede progress, wax-sealed scroll contains pathetic plea for a couple of days worth of black lotus tar
4. The Masked Pamphleteer: exceedingly nimble, all-concealing ninja-like garb, glass globes filled with poison gas, flits about distributing latest anti-dungeon-hierarchy screed, slipping them beneath doors, leaving piles by watering holes, at pit bottom, etc.
5. Disembodied troll head painstakingly lips and tongues its way back to level three to rejoin the rest of its body, presumably still locked in combat with teleportation specialist and armed associates
6. Intelligent cephalopod in tank on litter borne by squad of fishman warriors discusses alliance with humanoid field marshals planning coup
7. Evil faith healer from underworld temple offers services in exchange for oaths of fealty/monetary sacrifice, cautions all re: highly unreliable new-fangled battlefield medicine as practiced by ogre (see entry 2)
8. Warrior with face melted by eldritch sorcery staggers to and fro senselessly, has no mouth but would love to warn adventurers of mind-bending dangers on level three
9. Intelligent giant lizard capable of speech attempts to convince adventurers to exterminate nearby colony of giant beetles with taste for intelligent lizard eggs, beetles keep getting more intelligent with every devoured clutch
10. Evil merchant with two black eyes and blood streaming from nose staggers in a panic, carrying on about ruination, fleeing confrontation w/extremely dissatisfied vampire customer, travel sack loaded with concentrated wealth
11. Multi-talented entertainer with cadre of hangers-on dragging trunks full of costumes, musical instruments, theatrical props, flees toward secret passage to surface, subject to summary execution following seditious portrayal of dungeon overlord
12. Gill-man in jellyfish leather togs and fluid-filled glass dome helmet w/wicked black trident walks razor-tusked walrus on retractable tether while chatting with star-struck gaggle of humanoid royals about assassinating intelligent cephalopod from entry 6.

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