Monday, October 28, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Four

1. Severed hand with ducal signet ring clutching a Wand of Regeneration, single charge remaining
2. Package wrapped in black paper, undelivered gift for wicked youngling contains set of fully articulated action figures of evil, crafted of wood and tin, masterfully painted, tiny implements of war and mayhem included, coupon to send away for ultra rare anti-paladin figure
3. Luminous crystal shard contains single massive electrical charge released by smashing against sufficiently hard object, discharges in thirty foot radius, damage as per lightning bolt
4. Exquisite suit of plate armor on standing display, currently inhabited by colony of hideous dungeon fairies like tiny bat-winged hairless monkeys, swarm attack if disturbed, sabaton articulations seep toxic guano
5. Tremendous meat pie left to cool on industrial-size rack, contents unknown but smells alright, huge golden ring baked in
6. Fabled Adamant Crowbar of Unsolicited Entry, enchanted to pry like nobody's business
7. Corpse copiously hacked and arrowed, obvious false eye sees gold through walls, etc, if in contact with optic nerve
8. The Gong Resounding, hand-size with dainty mallet, devil face painted on, magically amplified, loud as a nearby thunderclap
9. Conical wizard's hat w/decorative skull motif, blood-spattered, ransom gems sewn into apex, pocket also occupied by tiny viper
10. Hermetically sealed box containing chunk of rubbery troll flesh eager to remake itself once exposed to air
11. Toothy segment of dragon jawbone w/sculpted hand grip, enchanted to emit terrifying roar as per dragon when wielded in battle, combat bonus against mammals
12. Glass globe w/highly compressed and positively furious air elemental trapped within

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