Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NPC Encounters: Dungeon Level Six

1. Gibbering warrior w/crazy eyes carries on about "the mouth in the shadows" while wandering aimlessly dragging 50' rope tied into hangman's noose
2. Powerful sorcerer, stripped of goods, nude but for sigil-inscribed underpants, huge bruised knot on forehead, still groggy after suffering recent KO at the hands of fellow adventurers
3. Ghost of former cleric just wants to talk for a minute about the good news, new revelation: the gods can (and must) be killed
4. Deeply evil but entirely reasonable witch wrapping up spell component gathering mission to nether corners of level, loaded w/various psychoactive fungi, willing to trade for interesting eldritchery
5. Radical cave giant in open revolt against dungeon powers-that-be issues rousing semi-intelligible political speech to any within earshot, will not be exploited again by dungeon autocracy, will hurl boulders only for the betterment of fellow underworld terrors
6. Unintentionally summoned demon chews necromancer haunch while taking leisurely walking tour of interesting dungeon locales
7. Paladin in semi-gleaming mail staggers a bit but looks fine until he raises his visor and its plain to see he's a walking dungeon plague vector
8. Noble surface-aristocrat-turned-expert-assassin on mission to destroy the radical cave giant (entry 5), but may actually agree w/rudimentary populism
9. Slight human form seems to be wearing shaggy sweater, no wait, its made of zillions of living chaos mosquitoes but don't worry, the being assures, they only eat a little
10. Radiant angelic form nailed to floor by iron spike through foot, bats eyelashes, politely asks for assistance
11. Wizard w/perhaps the tallest conical hat on record tries to bamboozle last healing potion from pair of wary fighters with carefully worded rationales, the lot of them multiply punctured by tiny bites of some kind
12. Warrior w/prehensile mustache, sole survivor of total party kill, willing to share location of museum loaded w/bejewelled statuary, doesn't mention that its also a breeding ground for weird chimera

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