Sunday, October 20, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level One

1. Near mint collectible humanoid figurine set, each figure engaged in different unspeakable act of evil, wrapped in lamb's wool and packed in special crate from the wicked manufacturer
2. Scuffed brass dungeon compass with stylized dragon embossed on cover, needle always points to the nearest exit
3. Stitched giant's bladder with adjustable metal nozzle, filled with hot pepper mash that sprays forth if squeezed
4. Ancient cube of gold, quite encumbering, 50% chance of being lead with thinnest veneer of gold foil
5. Semi-reliable Blindfold of Trap Awareness, sends shivers down the wearer's spine when traps are near or at random
6. Gems encased in blobs of lead for safe keeping (a troll practice)
7. Trained rat in wooden cage: sniffs out gold in exchange for treats
8. Poorly smelted iron badge with unknown rune: signifies allegiance with specific humanoid tribe
9. Unusual potion imparts unpleasant side effects unless saving throw succeeds
10. Damage-proof scroll case carved of leviathan ivory, bejewelled, decorated with skulls and devils, crumbling scroll inside contains enough fragments of unknown spell for relatively easy restoration
11. Animate disembodied hand on leash, able to follow simple commands
12. Enchanted crystal sword that hits automatically for maximum damage once then shatters into semi-precious shards


  1. So hard to use the blogposts! So easy to use the book! When book? I pay.

  2. #12 - isn't that the glass sword from Ultima? 255 damage, one shot. Nothing in the game had 255 HP . . .