Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Three

1. Stone tablet inscribed with cuneiform calendar of 100% accuracy, suppressed for religious reasons, could fetch major sum from right buyer or possibly summary execution for sedition if discovered by powers-that-be
2. Bedazzled keepsake box containing sacred bones, locks of humanoid hair, set of pointy baby teeth dipped in gold, swarm of aggressive body lice
3. Notarized document presenting semi-irrefutable evidence of regional monarch's collusion in various crimes against humanity
4. Sword of armor-cleaving: ancient blade enchanted to sheer off opponent's protective gear in single swipe once per day
5. Pages 117-198 of Forbidden Manual of Future Lore, contested translation into common tongue, contains many terrible revelations of events yet to be with direst ramifications for current ruling classes
6. Huge unbreakable leaf from the legendary Tree of Adamant
7. Crate containing sets of parade dress for entire humanoid royal clan for upcoming event, multiple sizes, all stunning in their over-the-top flamboyance, lots of shiny bits, weird juxtapositions of color, maker's mark indicates work of celebrity designer from nearest metropolis
8. Not-quite-colossal stone head, persistently levitates three feet above any surface, holds one thousand pounds before sinking
9. Single plate shoulder piece of missile deflection, enchanted to send missiles astray (2 in 6 chance), negligible effect on overall protection, needs new straps
10. Bone-crushing mace, ensorcelled to render random limb useless on critical hit, must be used two-handed by any creature smaller than ogre-size, great strength required
11. Musical instrument of shining brass, obviously designed to be played by creature with multiple mouths, scads of digits
12. Giant-size coat of exquisite chinchilla-like fur, marred slightly by smear of indelible ink on massive sleeve

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