Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Five

1. Stoppered vial contains balm that causes thick, lustrous hair to sprout abundantly from skin wherever applied
2. Leather bag held down by heap of stones conceals levitating ingot of extra-dimensional metal of astonishing tensile strength and malleability, will ascend into the heavens if left untethered
3. Life size mannequin magically animates upon command and replicates several popular fighting styles for martial training, armed with array of kendo-style weaponry
4. Scroll of Instantaneous Mass Transport, designed for use when things get extremely bad, teleports any within fifteen feet of caster to distant star/campaign world of the game master's choosing
5. Single lens that allows remote viewing of extremely grim and brutal alternate reality wherein, perhaps unbelievably, the PCs are even more horrible people
6. Skull w/enchanted stone spike driven through, if embedded into skull of living subject at precisely the same angle it stimulates and augments latent telekinetic abilities
7. Crate contains carefully packed three foot long scale model of dirigible, fully functional, w/circlet of remote control included, designer's notes indicate payload capacity of up to ten pounds
8.  Hand truck loaded w/unmarked barrels
9. Nearly depleted spool of semi-unbreakable magic thread w/needle tucked in, enchanted small scissors of snipping stuck in the top
10. Lock box containing receipts for massive deposits issued by royal bank of nearest metropolis, ledger, signet ring, enough personal information to pull off identity theft of quasi-lich
11. Scroll scribbled in haste after research breakthrough seems to contain a variant of the disintegrate spell but is actually the arcane equivalent of a cyanide tablet
12. Golden idol of vulgar deity screams obscenities if touched or moved, carries on until dispel magic or equivalent applied

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