Sunday, October 6, 2013

NPC Encounters: Dungeon Level Four

1. Three identical clones of unknown wizard, naked but for bloodstained hands, flee madly from crime scene, beards still dripping with amniotic fluid, each have terrible eyes
2. Slender human with horse head, huge flaming glaive, stitches and staples visible at ragged neckline, totes bale of hay, satchel of sugar cubes, unable to speak but taps out messages with feet
3. Freelance torturer nervously brandishing official letter from dungeon overlord heads toward level ten to begin gig, cart load of implements hauled by undead manservant
4. High priest of heinous underworld cult in tattered vestments on deity-mandated apology tour after years of mismanagement/malfeasance
5. Gill-man police detective in jellyfish leather uniform and fluid-filled glass helmet hunts gill-man assassin last seen on level two
6. Giant termite queen of surprising intellect scopes out possible sites for depositing one zillion eggs
7. Warlock with magic rope and squad of charmed humanoids, tracks movements of escaped horse-head experiment (entry 2) with extreme caution
8. Victorian gentleman explorer from adjacent dimension seeks blacksmith to repair mole-tank abandoned on level five, just unloaded revolver into dog-sized miniature sphinx to excellent effect but currently unarmed
9. Barbarian w/quite impressive mutton-chops, countless arrows and spears protruding from fur-clad body, left for dead by party, wears ring of regeneration and will be coming around any moment
10. Former lawful warrior reincarnated as hideous dungeon pixie leaves dungeon in disgust via secret exit, complains bitterly about fellow dungeoneers, now exploring level 5
11. Purveyor of fine poisons with case handcuffed to wrist, escorted to celebrity witch's lair by squad of towering headless zombies
12. Synthetic humanoid, rejected for unanticipated level of hubris, escaped mass extermination then came across bodies of adventurers killed suddenly by poison gas, now wears cloak of concealment, carries stiletto enchanted to ignore armor, 2d4 exploding gems, small fortune in gold

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