Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Forces Under the Sea King's Command

Roll multiple times, commence war against the surface dwellers
1. Radio controlled giant crab shock troopers for amphibious assault, operators housed in arrow-proof carapace cockpit atop shell
2.Elite corps of highly sophisticated octopus swords-masters, spat powerfully onto enemy decks by giant grouper troop transports, abide by rigid Bushido-like code of honor, wear dashing wet-dry scarves
3. Hull piercers: giant mollusks w/reinforced ram-shells, sessile until commanded to attack, expend life energies in explosive launch from strategic ocean floor placements
4. Troop transports: gelatinous spheres, soldiery immune to digestive enzyme, roll up onto beachhead, disgorge payload, commence semi-indiscriminate feeding frenzy
5. Attack-trained giant starfish, stealthily adhere, cling to ships' hulls, gnaw multiple breeches w/steely mouthparts, remain sealed until starfish detach simultaneously for sudden catastrophic hull failure
6. Half-man, half-sea serpent warriors, stronger, speedier, hardier than mermen, capable of serpentine locomotion on land, vicious, hateful, cruel by nature, skilled at arms but poisonous fangs in a pinch
7. Undead-Queequeg has joined the other team, commands crack squad of re-animated harpooners
8. Porpoise crossbowmen, surgically attached human arms, turns out they are hard-wired to be exceptionally expert marksmen, nail targets while arcing majestically through the air, reload underwater
9. Huge bivalves able to jet themselves onto enemy craft, open to deploy amphibious troops
10. Lungfish-men, an evolutionary cul-de-sac, they make war as gleeful expression of fatalistic philosophy, almost extinct which is OK by them
11. Artillery-kraken capable of blasting ink 240', multiple ink sacs hold variety of ammunition (caustic, adhesive, hallucinogenic)
12. Flailwhales

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