Monday, May 12, 2014

The Sea Witch's War Kit

Roll several times to properly outfit the Sea Witch
1. Break-away canister of attack-trained vampire krill on chain around neck
2. Hypodermic rig loaded w/concentrated healing potion in belt pouch, jams into thigh at need
3. Tiny crossbow mechanism on wrist guard, dart w/25' spool of wire, rigged to shoulder bag full of electric eels
4. Coat of Polyps, shelled anemones arranged as per scale armor, poison tentacles lash out up to 5'
5. Waterproof scrolls filled to capacity w/colorful variety of death spells
6. Vials of various cephalopod inks in bandoleer: caustic, poisonous, of invisibility, repellent, eau de toilette, etc.
7. The Whistle of Whale Speech
8. Obligatory sea-blade of slicing strapped to calf
9. Sea urchin grenades in basket at waist: filled w/unstable gases, bred to explode upon forceful contact sending neurotoxin-tipped spines rocketing in a 20' radius
10. Hooked rope, harness for breaking/riding legendary undead megalodon, Sea Witch hopelessly obsessed, needs adventurer-blood for unholy summoning ritual
11. Enchanted trident, relic of extinct merman civilization, tines launch as torpedoes, adamant warhead slices through armor before detonation
12. Enslaved servitor (see subtable below)

Subtable: The Sea Witch's Enslaved Servitor(s)
1-2. Mutant cuttlefish clings to back, distended body cavity provides high speed propulsion
3-4. Re-animated disembodied hand of sea giant: faithful, obedient, dog-like intellect, rib-crushing strength
5-6. Sea Witch rides pair of evil telepathic dolphins Sea World-style
7-8. School of thousands of tiny angler fish, act in concert to provide transportation, protection, bioluminescence, collectively assume throne-shape for formal occasions
9-10. Giant merman bodyguard/personal attendant, ancient beyond reckoning, last of extinct species, constantly suggesting ways to improve Sea Witch's villainous status
11-12. Human-sized prawn squire/equipment caddy, easily rattled, surrender-prone

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