Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunken Treasures and Associated Threats

1. Relic holy to particularly wealthy cult embedded in hide of extremely hateful whale
2. Mummified wizard head in jar, preserved cerebral matter laden w/unknown spells, currently in digestive tract of unusual sea serpent
3. Adamant chest plate, former property of extinct colossus, infested by hibernating giant body lice
4. Giant platinum coin dropped by careless transient space god, cherished by subsequently mutated half-merman/half-shoggoth
5. Viral load in magically sealed flask, airborne contagion w/potential to depopulate the surface, worn around neck on cord by fish-tailed sea angel
6. Titanium antediluvian bank vault (sole architectural remnant of civilization), fully loaded safety deposit boxes, access difficult due to nearby whirlpool connecting to unpleasant alternate campaign world
7. Undersea grove of sea apple trees that impart water-breathing capability if eaten, guarded jealously by evil dolphin farmers
8. Huge enchanted gem in use as false eye by vain kraken, partially blinded by surface dweller harpoon expert and not one to forgive and forget
9. Waterproofed crate filled w/tomes of forbidden knowledge, proximate sea-bottom patrolled by ghost of evil librarian
10. Barrels of liquid resurrection (healing potion of the gods), rumored to have been lost during pre-human epoch, buried under silt stalked by spirit of death in form of shadow shark
11. Formerly popular deity in chains, exiled to sea bottom surrounded by skulls of executed priesthood, location under watch by vicious naval templars of newly preeminent cult
12. Cursed golden obelisk lost en route to ancient imperial coronation, covered w/highly aggressive undead coral polyps of astonishing size

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