Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Today's Well-dressed Sorcerer is Wearing: Raiment

1. Simple white toga, necklace of fresh flowers, self-affixed bracers of living snakes
2. Head-to-toe mummy-like wrappings, bandages cured in healing potion for automatic first aid
3. Faux-Napoleonic general's uniform, writhing squid epaulets, outrageously huge bicorne hat w/golden comet pin, festooned w/medals, ribbons commemorating sorcerous achievements
4. Underworld-camouflage jumpsuit, bandoleers of spell-components in flasks
5. Dragon-skin vest, g-string, thigh-high black leather boots
6. Fuzzy Huxtable-style sweater, knee-length, embroidered w/stars, planets, secured by think leather girdle w/huge bronze sun buckle
7.  Full length red and yellow robes in wicked fire design, bound minor elementals provide SPFX: high-collared cape of cold fire
8. Tunic of scintillant copper feathers from rare semi-impervious flightless giant bird
9. Owlbear skin cape w/optional beaked hood, black leotard underneath
10. Male: super long beard-as-garment, female: hairdo-as-garment, both belted at waist, sculpted into position w/flame-retardant gel
11. Skin-tight snakeskin spandex body-suit, long scarf of the fluffiest white fur, black rubber gloves
12. Bathrobe and slippers, shoulder holster for pipe, smoking supplies

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