Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wretches of the Underworld

1. Subsistence bat farmers, rig elaborate nets around ceiling, scurry off to low tunnels when threatened, hosts to many highly transmissible malignancies
2. The talentless humanoids, living embodiments of incompetence, but incredibly physically resilient, extremely hard to kill
3. Impoverished ex-nobility of Subterranean Metropolis, stripped of station by usurper of superior evil power, raiment in tatters, on verge of starvation, abandoned by all but the most broken underlings
4. Herds of humanoids earmarked for mass sacrifice to incomprehensible outer entity, migrate toward unholy site, subject to perpetual brain-dampening rays projected by mysterious levitating eyes
5. Emaciated humanoids w/giant shoulder bags, downcast and forlorn, the dung-collectors go about their unending labors for an unknown purpose
6. Failed soldiery of some dark lord or other, arms abandoned on battlefield, rueful rudderless wanderers lacking aims, undeserving of pleasures
7. The slug hunters, almost perfect natural camouflage in Underworld environment, must forage constantly, feed continuously, mutter philosophically
8. Flightless vulture-men, long curved necks, incisors protrude beak-like, hairless, reek of gore/decay, pick up party's trail, follow at safe distance, consume fruits of adventurers' labor
9. The eaters of stone, bloated gray humanoids with little to fear, unpalatable to most predators they chew and digest unceasingly, inadvertently creating new connections between subterranean realms
10. Slime harvesters, scaly human-like creatures w/wee tiny heads and little ambition, armed with pole-spatulas and earthenware jars, probe stagnant pools mirthlessly, trade their accumulations to powerful ooze-wizard for valueless tokens, trinkets, arcane bamboozlement
11. Mutinied hirelings, torchbearers, hangers-on, lost, out of provisions, contemplating cannibalism, former employers' possessions divided among them, sarong-clad bearer wears blood-spattered wizard's hat
12. The whipping boys, bred by beings of utmost evil for spontaneous expressions of cruelty, population buoyed by unfortunate fecundity

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