Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When Two Sorcerers Love Each Other Very Much

Sorcerer's Offspring Table
1. Levitating infant that spits up lightning bolts, skin glows within 20' of magic items
2. Two-headed chimera w/each parent's head, one breathes fire, the other emits blasts withering criticism
3. Huge, black stone-skinned manticore that has her mother's eyes
4. Child seems standard-issue until titanic growth spurt kicks in, approaches Godzilla-size by adulthood
5. Head replaced by unknown sensory array, 3 brains in chest cavity loaded w/psychic powers
6. Tyke has requisite talent, charisma, burning ambition to become World Autocrat, plans afoot by grammar school
7. Medusoid w/advanced aesthetic sense but little regard for human life, driven by need to create works of art for the ages featuring zillions of people turned to stone
8. Born as full-grown adult, head filled with contents of both parental spell books
9. Sea serpent of preternatural fecundity, escapes from parents at earliest opportunity for nearest body of water, immediately begins laying clutch after clutch of eggs
10. Bat-winged serpent w/father's smile, flammable blood disorder
11. Mist-child seems to dissipate immediately but actually congeals later into parricidal doppelganger
12. Duodecaplets

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