Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Contents of the Giant's Lunchbox

1. Gnome-salad sandwich
2. Black pudding roll-ups
3. Marinated shriekers
4. A sack of toasted heads
5. Lower half of a dwarf, upper half of an elf
6. A disturbingly large sausage
7. Baked bones (for roughage)
8. Assorted shrubberies
9. Boneless halfling nuggets
10. A barrel of lard with unidentifiable meat chunks
11. Sashimi (actually just a big dead fish)
12. A huge stitched bladder filled with river water
note: roll several times for a well-balanced meal


  1. I'm really digging these tables -- extremely clever and creative!

  2. Delicious. I mean, it's this whole blog I find absolutely delicious -and in good taste, too: not just this post.