Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peculiar Laws and Customs of the City Folk

1. Compulsory singing of national anthem/fight song thrice daily
2. Incomprehensibly byzantine dietary restrictions based on astrology
3. Elaborate hand-jive accompanies all social interactions
4. Laughter forbidden: citizens strike themselves instead
5. Spectacle-addled society addicted to staged giant monster combats
6. All laws subject to debate when invoked, crowd adjudicates
7. First bite of food chewed and spat out to honor fallen homies
8. Greeting: slap in the face
9. Everyone wears see-through sarongs,  PDA omnipresent
10. Unspeakable personal hygiene hallmark of high society
11. Mandatory meditation upon sounding of colossal gong
12. Gods venerated before, during and after every conversation

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