Sunday, December 25, 2011

Underworld Festivals and Holy Days

1. The Fortnight of Perpetual Drumming
2. Gibbetfest (The Arbiter Ghost chooses who shall hang)
3. Monster Feast: edible monster hunted and BBQed
4. The Remembrance of Silent Darkness (noise and light: highly offensive)
5. All-Brawlers Eve (followed by the annual Underworld Armistice)
6. Cannibal's Regale
7. Slave's Day of Wanton Liberty (rarely observed these days)
8. Fete of the Not-quite Dead
9. Semi-annual Outcast Purge
10. Ritual Lampooning of the Surface-folk's Gods (excellent costumes)
11. Weaklings Last Gala (followed by Warband Recruitment Day)
12. The Weekend of Unlikely Alliances


  1. Both All-Brawlers Eve and Weaklings Last Gala scream 'scenario hook', but Ritual Lampooning of the Surface-folk's Gods knocks it out of the park! Great post, stealing all three for my home game.

  2. do you ever get tired of hearing "these are brilliant"?