Saturday, December 24, 2011

Symptoms of Post-traumatic Delving Disorder

1. Self-medicates with constant flow of mead/ale/black lotus
2. Stirge-mania: bats at shadows, constantly scans ceiling
3. Paralyzing door paranoia: checks for traps at inn, mother's house, etc.
4. Delver's Tremor (often accompanies 1, above)
5. Back stab shock: approach from behind triggers preemptive strike
6. Laughs in the face of death way too much
7. Torch-triggered panic/catatonia
8. Stalact-o-phobia
9. Compulsive ration hoarding
10. Henchman attachment disorder (accompanied by unmanly weeping)
11. Berserker's Regret: tortured by remembrances of friendly fire
12. Sleeps with 10 foot pole


  1. Ha, that one is top-tastic. Would be perfect for Dungeon Bastards, too.

  2. I am just now discovering this blog. Mmmmh.... So good!

  3. How about "Apportionment Derangement Syndrome" wherein discussion of dividing up anything leads to anger, resentment, and possible plotting?

  4. Cheers, Lee!
    Thanks, jeffro!
    @Trey: Tragically, there is no known treatment for ADS.

  5. I was just pointed to your blog, and it's good stuff!