Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weird Perils in the Forest

1. Genocide war in progress: pixies vs. fairies
2. Pick-pocket squirrels and the Fagin-like treeman who protects/exploits them
3. The Skunk Whisperer and her reeking horde
4. The Leaf-covered Lord lies inert surrounded by worshipful druid/botanists
5. Canopy-dwelling Wise Monkeys
6. Log tower of the giant forester ants
7. Vampire chipmunks
8. Warband of Pygmies and their 9 ft. tall demigod champion
9. The Parliament of Ungulates
10. War profiteer with cargo of tiny weapons
11. Vengeful psychic tree fungus colony looking to hire assassins
12. Hidden enclave of perpetually drunken elves


  1. Too much good stuff! Surely, though there's a schism brewing 'twixt odd and even-toed ungulates for control of the Parliament?

  2. Thanks Trey, and I'm sure you're right about the schism. I understand their Anti-Predation Reform Package is quite draconian as well.

  3. I'm enjoying all of the lists; very inspiring...but the picturing the pick-pocket squirrels hanging out on that ent...that set me to laughing uncontrollably. Genius!

  4. ...and am I the only person that has to click through four or five of those word/number combinations before getting one you can actually read? Fuggin' spiders have ruined the web. :-)

    I almost didn't bother asking this, because I'll have to go through yet another round of what-are-these-letters.