Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Puzzling Documents Found Amongst Personal Effects

1. Diagrams for E-Z pyramid construction: secrets revealed!
2. Ancient vampire's obsessive listing of 1000's of victims (with ratings)
3. Schematic for trans-planar vehicle (pasted together from torn shreds)
4. Receipt for delivery of slaves signed by dragon's proxy
5. Forlorn love letters from known lich in locked and trapped coffer
6. Stacks of paper money from unknown civilization
7. Ancient treatise on the distillation of hard liquor in a demonic script
8. Ledger indicating large payouts to local mercenary leaders
9. Map of walled city with notations on weaknesses, points of entry
10. The 400 page diary of a conspiracy theory-crazed graphomaniac
11. A book of recipes for Mastodons and other Pleistocene-type mammals
12. Log book of arcane experiments (subject: enhancing magical potency of fruit flies)

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