Friday, September 14, 2012

Army of Evil 2: Heavy Infantry

1. Rabid bull apes with chain mail tunics and war bludgeons
2. Highly trained and disciplined phalanx of ogres in full hoplite gear
3. Bipedal chaos bears in field plate w/mammoth steel battle claws
4. Iron clad evil war priests w/unholy water sprinklers
5. Disgraced paladins deranged by mind-control drugs
6. Veteran Battle Shoggoth, genocide division
7. Hard-bitten division of armored simulacrae of famous champions of good
8. Stone giant whirling dervishes with full plate leg armor: much leaping and stomping
9. Corrosive, incendiary living vapors from another sphere who delight in wanton slaughter
10. Once-noble knights from the half-forgotten golden age of humanity (shabbily reanimated)
11. Owlbears in shock-training collars operated remotely by specialist wranglers
12. Bamboozled spaceship troopers shunted in from alternate dimension


  1. I dig the "Genocide Division." There's just no way that can be good. :)

  2. 7 and 10 in two separate, opposing armies, would make a truly epic final battle scene in a campaign of tragic heroics set on the stage of a crumbling empire.