Monday, September 10, 2012

What's up at the Underworld Chaos Temple?

1. Closed for repairs after raid by Deep Dwarf Agnostic Jihad
2. Secret unholy ritual in progress, no admittance, heavy guard
3. Open worship featuring mind-bending oratory of chaos, not particularly uplifting
4. Emergency sacrifice required, heavily armed squads hunt for itinerant sentients
5. Partial corporeal manifestation of deity: high priestess expected to be consumed following string of recent screw ups
6. Annual opening of the gates to hellish nightmare plane of unspeakable deity for import/export
7. Implosion imminent! licence revoked by deity after heretical activities by clergy, temple to be destroyed utterly via singularity
8. Infidel attack/looting in progress
9. Temple-wide mandatory fortnight of fasting and meditation
10. War priest seminary training underway: mace practice, human sacrifice class using dummies
11. Desperate times: starving priests, denied powers by disapproving divinity, beg for food and mournfully cry out for salvation
12. Observance of Underworld holy day (see Underworld Festivals and Holy Days)

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