Monday, September 24, 2012

Spanning the Underworld Chasm

1. Giant arcing termite nest complete with miniature ecosystem (fungi, lichens, giant aphids, micro-puddings, etc.)
2. 3-rope bridge hastily contrived and abandoned by adventuring party now dead to a man
3. Sturdy bridge crafted from single dried stalk of titanic fungus
4. Gondola suspended on steel cables operated by winch and pulley system, currently occupied by crazed cannibalistic hermit
5. Mechanical toll-drawbridge/mini-fortress full of murder holes, manned by exceedingly well-armed deep dwarf clan
6. Trolls just use the catapults on either side
7. Rope guided para-sailing gear & magical wind generator stored inside nigh-impregnable lockers
8. There's this semi-friendly giant with an excellent throwing arm
9. Fossilized mythic-sized spiderweb left over from the eldest days
10. Rough bridge of volcanic rock: composed of self-sacrificed bodies of countless lava-men
11. Shimmering spectral arch made of ever-howling ghosts and soul-matter fused and shaped by a wicked sorcerer thinking only of his own convenience
12. Coils of a primordial dragon petrified by the powers of its victorious demigod rival, stairs and footpaths worn in after centuries of use, said to predate the chasm itself

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