Sunday, September 23, 2012

Helms to Astonish

1. Closed helm featuring faceplate shaped as grotesque caricature of cherubic infant face, enchanted to emit piercing wails that disrupt enemies as confusion spell
2. Black steel skull cap w/ bat ears, grants wearer echolocation sense at will
3. Huge bronze dome fashioned in the image of convoluted cerebral tissues: enhances intellect, allows comprehension of ancient languages
4. Scorpion-shaped helm w/animated stinger that fires 3 unerring magic missiles daily
5. Steel cap of occular enhancement: array of monocles mounted on multiple swivel arms provide variety of optical lenses (telescopic, microscopic, night vision, see invisible, etc.)
6. Turtle shell helm of cowardice: enchantment allows user to disappear into the confines of extra-dimensional shell, protected as globe of invulnerability
7. Architect's helm: obelisk-shaped, grants ability to intuit layout of structures, sense thickness of walls, inclines/declines, enhances secret door detection, etc.
8. Helm of Mastery: steel eyeball encloses head, projects mind-control rays from hypno-wheel iris
9. Truth helm: shaped as Devo energy dome, wearer automatically detects lies/deception/sees through obfuscation
10. Invisible helm: separated from ancient hero's suit of invisible plate, gives appearance of headlessness
11. Closed helm w/elongated pig snout: allows wearer to smell through doors, detect truffles
12. Live armadillo-like creature clings tenaciously to head, gives tactical advice, provides encouragement, sacrifices self to protect wearer from otherwise deadly blow


  1. While wearing the Truth Helm, I would like a +1 to all attacks with my whip, as well as a bonus when trying to give the past the slip.

    1. I would be inclined to grant these entirely reasonable requests.

  2. #2 Would you wear this to take on a Floating Eye of Death? Or perhaps a cat with two heads?

    #9 On a 1% chance each day worn, wearer begins to devolve, losing 1 pt from charisma, wisdom, and intelligence until they reach 3 in each stat, at which point they become a brain eating ape.

    1. Regarding #9, again, these extrapolations are wholly plausible.

  3. The print version of this thing just keeps growing. :-p

    1. I have been building a Word document of all the tables, in case this site ever disappears, because I would hate to be without this material.