Saturday, September 1, 2012

Giant Worms of the Underworld

1. Earthquakers: colossal entities, probably immortal, tamper with tectonic plates for inscrutable purposes
2. Magma worms: black plated, incredibly dense, believe selves to be first terrestrial intelligence, gently condescending to newer sentients on the scene
3. Dwarf-eaters: bred by ancient sorcerer w/anti-dwarf bias, prey upon any humanoid but go out of their way for dwarf-flesh, heads like hammerhead sharks bristling w/waving sensillae
4. Worm folk: roughly man-sized when reared up on caterpillar-like sets of hind legs, frail and fragile, mentally enslave more dexterous creatures to do their dirty work
5. Emperor worm: singular being venerated by all thinking worms, who are subject to its mental orders at whim
6. Wind-vomiting worms: quasi-divine leviathans provide the Underworld w/its peculiar weather phenomena
7. Artworms: creators of mad, surreal, non-representational sculpture, sojourn through the solid earth in search of great caverns in need of mind-bending decoration
8. Gold-eaters: miners follow them to mother lodes, thieves follow them to unprotected treasuries, will only stop eating if slain
9. Army worms: appreciable communal intellect, telepathic, martial society bent on conquest for its own sake
10. Servitor worms: bred by dwarfs for mining, ore processing, generally well-behaved, occasionally go rogue at the behest of the Emperor worm
11. Lore-keeper worms: observers of the Underworld, encode their findings in great bas reliefs in their vast library caves
12. Arrow worms: bred by subterraneans as missile weapons that start eating targets upon impact


  1. This is astounding and awesome.

  2. I will be seeking out #12 in my next adventure, regardless of whether or not the DM allows their existence. An adventurer has to have dreams, after all.