Sunday, September 30, 2012

Under the Floorboards of the Abandoned Shack

1. Service entrance to the goblin bowling alley
2. Trap door to secret chaos temple doing the hard sell w/local man-ape population: great stockpiles of poor iron weapons, great vats of the thinnest gruel, crude unholy symbols and idols for free distribution
3. Crop of psio-active fungi and slug-man farmer in the employ of wealthy sorcerer
4. Refugee encampment of displaced dungeon pixies in search of new digs, starving, wretched, still vicious
5. Mouldering skeletons and earth-bound spirits: victims of long dead serial killer whose hateful spirit still stalks the countryside
6. Sizable fragment of clay tablet w/cuneiform directions to ancient king's burial mound, tantalizing descriptions of royal grave goods, dire warnings about undead crocodiles
7. Shaft descends, terminates in vast water-filled cavern, ceiling marred by rather large claw marks
8. Disused access tunnel to gray dwarf mine shaft, breached from below and filled with lethal gas
9. 1d12 ghouls sleeping off a bout of epic gluttony, upside: you've found the missing couriers!
10. Indescribable stench emanating from peculiar iridescent stain in the earth: demi-living remains of extradimensional entity, still capable of possessing minds for its own amusement
11. Heavy stone slab covering crypt w/desecrated sarcophagus containing inert vampire w/stake through heart
12. Deceased super-hero's underground headquarters


  1. I like the this especially the last entry. Although my tired mind combined 11 and 12. It read something about a vampire superhero that died with a stake through his heart. And his headquarters was the tomb. I didn't even question it and thought, what a cool entry.

  2. 12 is awesome, and as a player, finding that would be even better than finding a huge pile of gold studded with magic items.